The Process

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This is a scenario describing the home construction building process in Lakeview Meadows.  Your custom home is subject to factory construction time and the weather.

Once your home is signed off to build, it takes approximately 4 months to get your home from the Factory. During the construction time at the factory we are preparing your home site to receive your home, The site improvement process includes excavating the site, importing compactable fill, building and pouring your Foundation system and building the approach to deliver the home. When the home is delivered, it will take an additional 3-4 months for final construction of all onsite work. Including: Utility connections, Foundation, Backfilling, Garage construction, Final grade, Concrete sidewalks, driveways and final Landscaping inc. in your package.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith come in to the DeTray’s sales center and tour a nice variety of model homes. The sales consultant takes them to tour the Lakeview Meadows community and the model homes on display. They are sent home literature to review.

Step 1

The Smiths call to make an appointment to visit with their sales consultant so they may have their questions answered and share the floor plan they have chosen. The Smiths then select a site that will be suitable for the layout of the home and garage. A Purchase Agreement is signed and the earnest money deposit is received for the home. A deposit is also taken to secure the Lakeview Meadows home site. Customer requested changes to the home are sent to the building manufacturer for a custom engineered floor plan.

Step 2

Mr. and Mrs. Smith come in to approve the customized floor plan, choose interior/exterior colors and option selections. The sales consultant sends the signed customer approved floor plan with options and color choices to the building manufacturer to begin construction.

Step 3

DeTray’s service department applies for a City of Lacey building permit. The new home is in the construction phase at the manufacturing facility.

Step 4, 5, & 6

Home site preparation begins; site is cleared of sod, dug down for the “pit-set” appearance and pre-pour inspection is scheduled. Depending on the weather, the concrete foundation is poured for the new home; a minimum of two weeks of curing is required prior to the home’s delivery.

Step 8 & 9

The new home is delivered to Lakeview Meadows. The home is assembled, blocked, anchored and connected to utilities. Electrical service is connected and inspections are requested.

Step 10 & 11

The concrete block fascia is installed around the home, a few days later after the mortar has cured, grading can be completed and the garage footings are prepped.

Step 12, 13, & 14

Garage construction begins, this will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete. Final grade on site is completed, and then the concrete sidewalk, patio and steps are poured. Landscaping follows. Final approval is requested from the City of Lacey Building Department.

Step 15

The Smiths meet at their new home with the building manufacturer representative for the “new home orientation” and receive the keys to their home. After all the final inspections for the home and garage have passed, move-in can begin.

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