Lakeview Meadows Development Package

The development package includes the following products and services by our contractor which are included in your home purchase.

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  • City of Lacey building permit, electric permit, water permit, and connection fees
  • Excavate the home site and remove soils, testing of soil compaction
  • Structural fill added and compacted, concrete foundation for home
  • Foundation drainage system with submersible sump pump
  • Perimeter footing drainage system for home and garage is built
  • Digging of utility trenches, laying utilities, connections and backfilling of trenches
  • Block wall skirting installed
  • Custom garage 24’x24’ (may vary) built to match the home
  • Gutter and downspouts installed and connected to drain system
  • Concrete driveway, walkways, and steps (750 sq ft of concrete)
  • Landscaping installed in the front and 1 side yard of the home